Grace @ SIGCSE 2013

We’ll be presenting a paper “Seeking Grace: An new object-oriented language for novices” at SIGCSE 2013 in Denver on March 7th.

We are designing a new object-oriented language, Grace, that is designed for novices. It is intended to integrate proven new ideas in programming languages into a conceptually simple language that allows the instructor and students to focus on the essential complexities of programming, while supporting a variety of approaches to teaching.

Hopefully, this opportunity will help us expose Grace to more of the CS education community.

Grace @ Splash

Andrew Black, Kim Bruce & Michael Homer will be at SPLASH 19-26 October, in Tuscon, Arizona.

  • Michael will be workshopping Graceful Patterns for Patterns in Grace at PLoP, sometime between Friday & Sunday
  • Michael will be presenting Patterns as Objects in Grace at the Dynamic Languages Symposium, Mon 10:30-12:00 pm – Catalina Ballroom
  • Kim & Andrew (& Michael too?) will be presenting Grace: the absence of (inessential) difficulty at Onward!, Tue 3:30-5:00 pm – Salon B (GB)

This should be a good chance for people new to the project to hear about Grace — and for experienced people to find out more, especially about the implementation and Grace’s pattern matching.

There’s a bunch of other fun stuff at SPLASH this year — I’ll admit to a soft spot for the talks at RPG 2012 (Tue 7:30-9:30 pm – Salon C (GB)), and the great keynotes — it’s just a pity I can’t make it this year.


Several Grace folks will be at ECOOP+PLDI in Beijing in this week.

In particular:

  • Mon 11 June – Michael Homer will talk about Grace at STOP
  • Wed 13 June – James Noble and Andrew Black will give a PLDI tutorial on Grace

Andrew will be in Beijing for the PLDI half of the week, and James and Michael around for the whole week. If you’re interested in Grace, come to one of these talks, or we’d love to catch up with you some other time this week.

London Programming Language Design Working Group

This week the IFIP 2.16 Programming Language Design Working Group met at Imperial College in London.

Along with a whole bunch of talks about languages (including F#, Koka, Plaid, Ensō) and a bunch of more general talks about programming design more generally, I gave a short talk on Grace.

The slides are in the document list: most of this should be straightforward, but there are later slides briefly covering types, nesting, and pattern matching.