There are currently several mailing lists about Grace, in particular, grace-spec for comments about the Grace draft language specification. There’s also the blog, which current fits in the middle of the list in terms of traffic, and is also the most open to comments.

  • grace-spec – email list to send feedback and comments on the Grace draft language specifications.
  • grace-interest – low volume list for people generally interested in Grace. Notifications of Grace events etc.
  • A Graceful Blog – low/medium volume blog for people generally interested in Grace. We try to post between once a week and once a month – but don’t manage it
  • grace-core – medium volume list for discussions about Grace’s design. Questions, options, suggestions, …
  • minigrace – highest volume list for people experimenting with the minigrace prototype. Minor releases, bug reports, howtos, etc

If you’re extra-keen, particularly if you’re programming in Grace, there is now an IRC channel for discussions. To access it you can either use the web frontend at or a native client.

(If you’re an an administrator, there is also a blog admin interface)

3 thoughts on “Community

  1. As of now, Andrew Black is leading the design and implementation of minigrace and its libraries. Kim Bruce is writing a Grace textbook and designed the Objectdraw graphics library. Tim Jones is completing his doctoral thesis on Grace’s type system. Michael Homer has recently finished a postdoc working on Kernan, and before that wrote the first version of minigrace as part of his doctoral work.

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