Grace at ECOOP

The European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming starts next month, and, once again Grace people will be there.


Andrew Black Tim Jones Kim Bruce


On Sunday, the first workshop day, Andrew Black will discuss
The Expression Problem, Gracefully
in the MASPEGHI workshop.

On Wednesday, the first day of the full conference, Tim Jones will present the technical paper Brand Objects for Nominal Typing by Tim Jones et al which describes how Grace can be extended to support nominal typing. Tim is also charing the ECOOP Doctoral Symposium this year.

On Thursday, Kim Bruce is presenting the talk Graceful Programming — Teaching Introductory Programming as part of the ECOOP Summer School.

Update:  Materials from the tutorial, including slides, documentation, sample programs, and homework exercises can be found at

Three Talks on Grace

In the next couple of weeks, there are three talks on Grace.

First, a virtual talk — a video Michael Homer’s talk at last year’s Strange Loop is now online

Second, this coming Tuesday, James Noble is talking about Grace in Vancouver at The University of British Columbia — 4pm Tuesday 7 May.

Third, as part of ICSE, James will be talking specifically about Can an Introductory Programming Language Support the Teaching of Software Engineering? at the CSEET conference, at 3pm on the 21st of May.

James is travelling to Vancouver, Pomona, then up to the Bay Area and San Francisco between now and then, if people would like to talk about Grace.