Grace specification draft 0.7: request for comments.

The Grace project team is delighted to announce that we have released the Grace Language Specification Draft Version 0.7.0 for public comment at The core language specification is accompanied by a draft description of the standard prelude and key modules.

grace-spec-0.7.0.pdf Grace Draft Language Specification 0.7.0 (pdf)
grace-spec-0.7.0.html Grace Draft Language Specification 0.7.0 (html)
grace-prelude-0.7.0.pdf Grace Draft Standard Prelude 0.7.0 (pdf)
grace-prelude-0.7.0.html Grace Draft Standard Prelude 0.7.0 (html)

This specification is very much a draft. We expect the specification itself, and the langauge described by the specification, to continue to change as we work towards a stable version of the language — indeed, we hope that this evolution will be driven by the comments on this and subsequent drafts.

The specification drafts are supported by several implementations (minigrace, Kernan, and Hopper, also available at none of which implement the full specification at the time of writing. We know these implementations are prototypes, which is why we are primarily interested in feedback on the language specification.

You can give us feedback in a range of ways: by commenting here; by emailling; or by joining the
Grace community.
We look forwards to hearing from you.

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